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A wellness, nature-oriented company

Products with purpose

ertha’s overall philosophy has a holistic approach, from the second the seed reaches the earth to the moment your cup reaches your mouth. The advantages of organic farming for both your body and the planet, the proper use of resources, even recyclable packaging all are part of our contribution to a better planet.

Mood boosters

Your body’s health and its pristine physical condition are just an aspect of your overall wellbeing. We’re living in an era where tension and anxiety tend to dominate our everyday life. Every ertha product contains adaptogens that reduce stress, contributing in a natural, effective way to a better balanced mental status.

Fabulous blends

Every ingredient that’s part of an ertha infusion is not simply selected based on its individual properties. Our goal is to create harmonious and compelling combinations, which will provide you with the complete set of benefits. This way, every blend is the beginning of a marvelous journey for the body and the senses!

Powered by nature

“You are what you eat.” This could be Nature’s best advice as a nourishing and caring mother. It’s a piece of wise advice, and we take it very seriously. This is why we use exclusively organic, fresh, and pure ingredients, all from the land of Greece. With every cup of ertha, you have nature’s power in your hands!

Awesome ingredients

In terms of raw materials, the plethora of choices Greek nature is providing us with is unparalleled. As for their beneficial properties, they’ve been known to Greeks since antiquity. Thanks to the organic farming practices and the all-natural process we implement, we preserve their high nutritional and health value.

True to our word -and the environment

As the name implies, ertha uses only environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, such as non-coated eco paper and biodegradable tea bags. However, this is just one aspect of our nature-oriented philosophy, which has (literally) deep roots, reaching back to using ingredients exclusively from certified organic Greek harvests. It is a promise made at day one -not just to ourselves, but to our great provider as well.

Nature’s power, science’s strength

We consider nature and all its gifts as a solid foundation of what we offer you. Thanks to our innovative scientific approach, all our infusions are the result of a continuous and ever-improving process. Every pairing or combination is created to provide you with a drink that will offer you its functional benefits to the maximum on every sip.

Want to be part of ertha?

We will gladly welcome you to our ever-expanding circle of partners and associates. After all, wellness is not a matter of exclusivity. Since you’re already aware that we produce infusions made by high-quality, organically-grown Greek plants and herbs, you also know our criteria. So, all you have to do is contact us!

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