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  • Female Care

Female Care


Female Care is a blend of six herbs and spices, which contains flavonoids, iridescent and herbal essential oils that ease premenstrual symptoms and menstrual cycle disorders. The antioxidant properties of Female Care, protect cells from antioxidant stress and reduce inflammation prior the menstrual cycle. Sip on female care throughout your menstrual cycle or start drinking it one week before menstruation to balance the nervous system, support progesterone production and reduce inflammation.

Female Care is an exceptional blend of rare ingredients leading to an unprecedented journey of taste sensations. Rich body and unique aromas guarantee a truly unrivalled experience.

All the materials are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

20 sachets x 1g/ NET WT. 20g


Angelic Root

Ceylon Cinnamon





Compounds of ginger, ginger, capsaicin, beta-carotene, and curcumin, have analgesic properties for the middle to the most severe primary dysmenorrhea.


Angelica is considered by traditional Chinese Medicine to be a uterus tonic herb. It eases cramps by increasing blood flow to the uterus.

Vitex Agnus Castus 

Vitex Agnus Castus eases cyclical mastalgia and overall symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.